About W.A.R.


Mission statement:

W.A.R. will be a voice for the voiceless animals in danger of poaching, abuse, trade and neglect.


POACHING and TRADE of wildlife: To counter rampant poaching in of animal wildlife species that are under imminent threat of becoming extinct in the wild by means of:

-  Joint, broad-based interventions such as government and private sector lobbying
-  Partnering with key local conservation role players
-  Practical support of law enforcement efforts
-  Support of projects undertaken by civilians, civil activism and public awareness campaigns.


WAR is a global coalition of reliable, knowledgeable and environmentally conscious individuals, groups and experts, who are convened for the sole purpose of :

- Ensuring man’s negative influence on our Wildlife Heritage is kept to a minimum
- Ensuring current and future generations will be able to appreciate and understand that nature’s ‘balance’ must be protected and   respected
- Recognizing that we have a vested interest in- and responsibility to our future with wildlife !

WAR positions itself at the forefront of the offensive against tradeable commodity, slaughter and ill-treatment of Wildlife under immediate threat of becoming extinct.

WAR is in favour of:
- A global moratorium on trophy hunting.
- An immediate census on the numbers of rhinos, elephants and lions currently under threat
- A National call for a State of Emergency and/or international intervention in areas where the safety measures have been compromised until the actual numbers of the various species are known and the poaching situation is under control.
- Legal horn treatments for rhino
- Stricter enforcement of laws and higher penalties for wildlife crimes

WAR is opposed to:
- Trade in wildlife body parts, as listed under the Cites convention regulations as well as of any other animal species that are under imminent threat of becoming extinct in the wild.
- Canned hunting- in any way, shape or form
- Farming of wild animals and breeding in captive situations

ABUSE and NEGLECT: all animals suffering from a situation of abuse and neglect need help. 
W.A.R. will reach out and actively assist in dealing with those cases that come to our attention. We use our network for this and we are working in collaboration with other organisations and individuals on the ground.

W.A.R.- International  is a registered NPO at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce nr KVK 57342725

















W.A.R.- International is a registered Dutch tax-exempt NPO















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