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The W.A.R. International  Ambassadors are exceptional individuals, with a strong passion for conservation and wildlife protection, who are committed to promoting W.A.R. 's vision and representing the organization. Ambassadors take on an important role endorsing our work and advocating on behalf of the organization at events, meetings, online and through other special assignments.

In their capacity of W.A.R Ambassadors individuals are sharing information about the plight of wildlife that is in danger of becoming extinct due to the horrendous poaching scourge which is seriously affecting some of the iconic species of Africa and Asia at this time.
They strive to inform the public of the real danger that one day many species could become extinct because of animal abuse/neglect in private and public zoos, trophy hunting of endangered species and the neglect of political forces to protect endangered wildlife and their environment.
They are sharing information about the W.A.R organisation and our projects to save as many of these animals as possible.


Chris Vassiliou

Chris is originally from Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), born to Greek Cypriot parents.
He has spent these past 30 years as an Independent Director and CEO of various private equity  and international companies carrying out their business throughout the Caribbean, South Pacific, Asia, the Middle East and several places in Europe and Africa. He has lived in

Australia, New Zealand, France, Southern Africa and the USA.

His early years were spent in the bush around the Hwange game reserve and Victoria Falls. Having grown up in that amazing part of the world he is passionate about the preservation of its wildlife and is often sickened by the decimation of it’s elephant and rhino herds, its lions, giraffes and many other species primarily through poaching.

He recognizes political forces driven by greed are in many instances the root cause of poaching.

His is a proponent of what he calls “Effective Activism” whereby change can only be achieved with integrity and by winning the hearts of the majority. He feels strongly that to do this one has to educate with effective and honest communication followed by actions that do not cross any legal boundaries.

The Board of Wildlife at Risk wish to welcome Chris aboard as an Ambassador where he intends to promote our cause and assist us in achieving our goals of protecting and giving our wildlife a voice.



To whom it may concern,


We have received signals that there might be attempts by individuals other than W.A.R.Team members to raise funds under the W.A.R  Wildlife at Risk name.


When you are approached for donations by those individuals, we ask you to please get in touch with us.


Please do not give, transfer or donate anything to these individuals.
W.A.R has a secure part on this website where you can financially support our projects.


Marleen Le Febvre

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