- Fight poaching
- Protect the animals
- Create awareness
- Save the orphans
- Raise funds









W.A.R is
-  A voice speaking out for the animals,
-  Protecting the animals and
-  Assisting efforts to try and save wildlife species under threat of extinction because of poaching, hunting and trade..


They are OUR responsibility !

WAR - International  is a registered NPO at The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce nr KVK 57342725










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 An emergency situation has developed in the Romanian shelter for rescued dogs from the OVIDIU KILL SHELTER.

These dogs were saved from death row in 2017 and a new shelter was constructed in haste. Sadly after a while these dogs were abandoned and thanks to a committed lady Raluca Butan, the situation was saved.

Sadly in 2019, all workers left one by one due to unforeseen individual circumstances. Since then the shelter was robbed of virtually everything, dog bowls and beds etc.

OCTOBER 2019 - We are trying to help get about 30 remaining dogs out of this shelter to a safe haven in a new shelter, currently under construction. Eventually all these dogs need to find new homes and we are hoping to find some of these forever homes in the Netherlands. First of all we need fosterhomes where the dogs can rest and recuperate. We will work with the dogs to get them used to all skills necessary like walking on a leash etc. Then we will get the dogs ready to be adopted and you are all welcome to visit and hopefully meet your new family member.
We will help you to continue to socialise the dogs with the assistance of a certified animal behaviour therapist.
If you are interested in fostering, adopting or if you have a place where we can home and work with these dogs for the first few months, let us know.
send your message to us:

We have also set up a Facebook page for the updates and stories of the dogs, Please like the page and visit us for updates

If you would like to donate towards helping these dogs please go to our donations page


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