Animal products have always been a sought after commodity......but this time it is leading to the extinction of 3 of the Big Five

- Rhino horn in China, Vietnam and Thailand, is supposed to be a cure for many ailments as well as having virility increasing capacities.

- Elephant tusks are carved into unbelievably beautiful ornaments sought after by the upper and middle class in the Orient as status symbol.


- Lion (and tiger) bones will provide relief for all sorts of pains and diseases as is the belief in many countries.

All species are hunted by trophy hunters for the thrill of the kill and the pleasure of looking at the dead heads in private homes.

The immense monetary value of horn and ivory is causing an upsurge of poaching and the profits find their way to extermist groups like Al Shabab, Boko Haram etc.

Corruption is exploding in all African countries due to easy access to these animals and almost no repercussions as far as the judicial system is concerned.

This is no longer a situation where a poor man in Africa poaches for some meat....the poachers these days use very often very sophisticated weaponry, are combat trained and are part of major crime syndicates.






















a few facts and figures

RHINO's  - numbers of rhino's surviving in the wild are anybody's  guess

                        No regular updates from DEA available

LIONS     -  Less than 20.000 lions left in the wild

are in dire straights, not only because ivory is still a much desired product but in recent years the hides have become a coveted commodity as well.
Between 400,000 and 650,000 elephants estimated are left in Africa.



Ivory adorned car
Wine made of tiger/lion bones
Rhino horns
WAR rhino red sun.jpg

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