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ELEPHANT DAWN by Sharon Pincott

W.A.R - Wildlife At Risk International·Sunday, June 26, 2016





Questions without answers as the Presidential Elephant herd is not monitored anymore since Sharon Pincott left Zimbabwe. Politics, poaching and hunting has taken its toll and the numbers dwindle.

Sharon’s years in Zimbabwe, spent with this special Presidential Herd, are recorded in her new book ELEPHANT DAWN and as much as she describes the joy and sorrow that comes with all life we are also witness to the collapse of the country of Zimbabwe and the impact this has on humans and wildlife.

I couldn’t put the book down as it reads like a bloodcurdling thriller as well as a heartwarming love story. Through Sharon I got to know some of the individual elephants and their family intimately, sometimes it even felt as if I was magically transported to the African bush and was seeing, feeling, smelling, touching with her. It all felt so familiar... I haven’t laughed and cried so much since starting on the book in a very long time...

After reading the last page I am absolutely overwhelmed by it all. The book made me feel like I was there with Sharon, maybe because I have been close to ele's myself , have touched them and know what it is like to be in their presence but definitely also because she writes in such a way that the picture forms itself with all the sounds and smells and even emotions included. Through friendships with people in Zimbabwe over the years I have come to know quite a bit about the harsh reality and the uncertainty of everyday life for people in Zim. What Sharon not only witnessed with her own eyes but lived in a day to day reality for 13 years is extremely shocking and an intricate part of the book, closely interwoven with the uncertain destiny of these elephants that were supposed to be “untouchable” and under Presidential Protection.

Marleen Le Febvre
W.A.R - Wildlife At Risk International

The book has it’s own FB page where you will find info on release dates and how to order this amazing book:

From Sharon: "To all the elephant-lovers and advocates around the globe, the world would be a much poorer place without you."



































June 5th 2015
W.A.R is proud to announce our liaising with Rory Young. We are looking forward to working together on several projects.


April 29th 2015
ATTENTION - possible fraud

To whom it may concern,

We have received signals that there might be attempts to raise funds under the WAR, Wildlife at Risk name.


When approached, we ask you to get in touch with us as we have not initiated any fundraising campaign at the moment.

Please do not give, transfer or donate anything to these individuals.


If you want to ( continue to) support W.A.R financially please do so directly through our bank account or via the secure on-line donation module.


Marleen Le Febvre


September 30th 2014
Jenny's book about MOSES
Just received my copies of a truly lovely childrens book, written by the head of our Emergency Orphan Team Jenny Perepezco about  little Moses Ele, a baby elephant , poaching victim who found his way to Jenny's house. Little Moses touched many hearts and taught us so much about baby elephants. With beautiful photo's.









August 31st 2014
W.A.R has reached out to our contacts and several organisations and specialists will be working towards trying to save the remaining animals in this WAR-Zone.


August 25th 2014
Global March for Elephants, Rhino and Lions

Preparations are underway to organise the Global March for Elephants, Rhino's and Lions - Amsterdam.
Conservation Organisations in the Netherlands are beginning to find each other and a strong realisation is growing that together we are stonger than apart.
Organising Organisations:
W.A.R - Stichting Spots - Stop Dierenleed Nederland - De Neushoorn Stichting - Dierenpraktijk YOL - Stichting Bevordering Huisdieren Welzijn





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