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One of the innocent casualties of poaching are orphans. Without human intervention these innocent babies will suffer a traumatic death alone, terrified and succumbing to death by starvation or falling prey to predators and it is our moral duty to do everything possible to try and give these babies the best possible chance of survival. In fact with the current statistical estimates of extinction of a number of threatened species within the next decade or sooner every life saved becomes even more crucial to ensure a big enough gene pool to ensure the survival of the species.

Knowledge of the basic requirements with regard to milk formula's, species specific animal husbandry and basic critical vet care is crucial to the success of rearing orphans successfully and minor mistakes made in the first few crucial hours can result in the failure to save an orphan. Baby elephants are extremely fragile to start with anyway.

The Emergency Orphan team has been put together to provide such advice together with on-site training and if necessary key supplies and equipment to provide the best possible critical care during the first few days and weeks whilst regular supply of formulas and meds are arranged. The goal is for the local team to be fully instructed and ready to take over the care asap.

It is the intention of the Emergency Orphan Team to initiate and maintain relationships with suitable people or organisations in as many African countries as possible and to assist such people or organisations to set up a proper orphan facility in each country where animals can be rescued, rehabilitated and released back into the wild in a  secure area.


The Orphan Emergency Team is supported by W.A.R but is an independent operating facility.


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1.  CHAD 1- 2013





The Emergency Orphan Team is working on an improved version of formula for elephant calves. Elephant calves are very fragile and most can't digest the cow milk protein which is the bases for most formula's.  (Ongoing)


3. CHAD 2 - 2017

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