Our projects are three-fold:

* Through the W.A.R Coalition
Be the united voice of the animals under threat, by lobbying governments, authorities and key individuals to create awareness and urge for action.

*  Working on the ground
Actively participating in the fight against poaching/trafficking/trophy hunting/wildlife abuse by working towards keeping animals safe and helping them to survive the onslaught.

Via social media
W.A.R has several pages on Facebook where news items are being posted by a team of dedicated people from all over the world. We believe in sharing information and through this educating people and making them (more) aware about the current threats our planet and in particular our wildlife faces.
W.A.R - Africa - W.A.R Asia & Australia - W.A.R The Americas - W.A.R Europe

We also have a two special pages : 
the W.A.R Library of Thoughts, a collection of the Thought for the Day items on the Africa page
The W.A.R Public Library where anyone can add publications of interest for wildlife.

Last but not least, we have two specific closed groups, one for assistance to wildlife veterinarians in remote places and the second one a research group for the elephant calf formula and neonate high care husbandry.


On Twitter we have a steady stream of all the posts of the Facebook pages and we can call for assistance and share important breaking news via our twitter account.



Wildlife At Risk has been offered the use of two reserves in KZN South Africa.

The "collateral damage" of a poaching, THE ORPHANS need protective care, sometimes highly specialised veterinary care and rehabilitation. We will be having highly specialised people for this on the teams.

These W.A.R reserves will have maximum security and 24/7 eyes on the animals.

W.A.R strives for these reserves to be a place for education, training workshops and job opportunities.

For reserves that need advice and/or assistance on security, we are working with highly specialized security advisors.
CONTACT US FOR ASSISTANCE AT: hq@war-international.org

Project 2 - Elephant and rhino orphanages/ centres for education, treatment and rehab in African countries
Wildlife At Risk International is supporting and encouraging the establishing of orphanages/rehab centres in African countries where the poaching of these animals is out of control and the only thing possible is to try and save the calves left orphaned after poaching incidents.
We are currently working with South Africa, Chad, Zimbabwe and are looking into Nigeria and Cameroon.

We aim to have these centres offering the possibility of training courses for keepers and guards, which can lead to jobs, as well as provide education for the local communities on wildlife and conservation.

If at all possible W.A.R would also like to set up a medical post as part of the project that can provide medical assistance, education on health matters and birth control.
Possibly even a small school/orphanage for the children as there are many orphaned children in Africa.

Our W.A.R Orphans for Orphans Project

The idea behind these centres is to work towards a bigger picture. The future of elephants and rhino will only be safe in intensely protected areas, the first line of defense always being the people living in the local villages.


The project has no limits, and is part of the W.A.R BLUEPRINT ROLL OUT PLAN (for an example see the NIGERIA project under project no 6)

An Organically growing plan where each element supports the main structure and vice versa.


Project 3 -  In collaboration with the Emergency Orphan Team

Very often there is nobody present that knows how to take care of an elephant or rhino calf after they have rescued one. W.A.R is supporting the Emergency Orphan Team which is on standby to fly out to these locations in cases of emergency to take on the care of the calf and give training to the local people at the location so they can take over. We are working closely together with veterinarians and Parks management on this project. We are always available for support and information on critical/high care of these small calves.

+ 263 772 210 248
+31(0) 6-40892224





Project 4 - Research
All over the world rehab centres/orphanages have a big problem with very young calves that can't digest the cowmilk protein. Far too many of these calves sadly are lost because of this problem. They die a slow and extremely painful death which is heartbreaking to see.
We are part of - and supporting research into a formula for these cowmilk intolerant calves.
CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION AT: info@war-international.org



Project 5 - lions
7 lions in dreadful circumstances will be rescued from the Ukraine and flown to their new home at the LLA - Love Lions Alive sanctuary in South Africa.






Project 6 - THE NIGERIA PROJECT - Blueprint for a dream - this project has been handed over to a group of dedicated and determined Nigerian people.

Click on the icon to open pdf




Project 7 - FORGOTTEN SHELTER OF AZORIA - october 2019
An emergency situation has developed in the Azoria Romanian shelter for rescued dogs. Originally from the OVIDIU KILL SHELTER these dogs were saved from death row in 2017 and a new shelter was found, The Azoria shelter.
Sadly after a while these dogs were forgotten and in dire need of people looking after them and feeding them.
Thanks to a committed investigative reporter who had been involved with this group of dogs from the moment they were rescued from the Ovidiu shelter, Raluca Butan, the situation was saved. She warned friends in the UK about the situation and very soon money was donated, helpers hired, food bought and solid pens constructed.


Sadly in 2019, a desperate situation evolved due to unforeseen circumstances.
The owner of the land had decided to start a dog trade business of his own and began a cold war against the helpers and the dogs.

Since then the shelter was robbed of virtually everything, dog bowls and beds etc.
Due to infected dogs being brought in by the landlord the dreaded disease Distemper reared its ugly head.
The situation got very threatening after 2 dogs were found dead, obviously by force and an emergency relocation had to take place to a newly built shelter by Madalina Danbu who was the angel that saved the day.
A W.A.R team handled the negotiations with the landlord to release the dogs and finally all were moved to the new shelter.

We are currently working to help find good homes for the about 30 dogs of this group in the Netherlands, France and UK.




- Fight poaching
- Protect the animals
- Create awareness
- Save the orphans
- Raise funds









W.A.R is
-  A voice speaking out for the animals,
-  Protecting the animals and
-  Assisting efforts to try and save wildlife species under threat of extinction because of poaching, hunting and trade..


They are OUR responsibility !

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