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K. Bleeker                                                                                           €     10
SANTA photoshoot Expats with dogs/ Studio 7                                         415
K. Bleeker                                                                                                  10
D. Ryan                                                                                                       25
P. Ho                                                                                                          100
M. Rudolph                                                                                                500
S. Lichtenstein                                                                                        1.800
A. Paul                                                                                                         22
P. Takahashi                                                                                                10
C. Edwards                                                                                                  25

Without these wonderful people we could not help the animals in the projects we are currently supporting. THANK YOU ALL!!

The W.A.R. projects are

1. 4 Lions that are coming to South Africa in February rescued from horrific situations in the Ukraine by Lionel de Lange LAEO, to the splendid sanctuary Love Lions Alive by owners Andi Rive and Lina Rise.
W.A.R. International, LAEO- Lawrence Anthony Earth Org. and LLA - Love Lions Alive sanctuary have joined together on a project to bring a total of 7 lions from appalling situations in Ukraine to their forever home in South Africa.
7 lions rescued from a Zoo of horrors, a petting zoo and a monastery.
Every minute of every day there are lions in cages looking at bars. This must change, we are going to change that reality for all of them.
LAEO rescued the lions and together with them and LLA, W.A.R. is raising funds for food, aeroplane flight and the construction of their new forever homes in South Africa.


2. Rescue of 27 dogs initially saved from a kill shelter in Romania and subsequently held hostage at Azoria shelter Medgidia and bringing some of those to safe homes in the Netherlands.

We are working together with 2 Dutch vets who actively work on changing the situation on the ground and doing an amazing job of spaying, neutering and treating sick animals on the street, thereby helping to end a very bad situation that began in 2017 when the Romanian government decided it was going to solve the stray dog situation by rounding them up and putting them in kill shelters. As Holland has no stray dogs anymore and this particular situation crossed our path, we decided as a one off project to join in and help. We are bringing at least 7 of these dogs to NL in the beginning of this year, that we managed to save by direct negotiation by us from a dangerous and very threatening hostage situation by 2 hardened Romanian criminals. 2 dogs lost their lives in this situation and we have supported the police investigation re this.

Apart from these projects we continue to help and advise on situations where baby elephants are at risk through our network of specialists worldwide.

Please note the photo is a tribute to 2 of the animals we were desperately trying to save but due to the local circumstances which resulted in their brutal murder, they were lost to us.
R.I.P Merlyn and the nameless blind lion.
Fly with the angels.

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