If you are skilled in the following areas please give us a shout but remember we are all unpaid volunteers





If you are the skilled fundraiser we are looking for, send us your CV at:



If you know how to get us more exposure through search engines etc send us an email with some background info to:

EDITOR/admin W.A.R 
FaceBook pages

We are always looking for skilled editors to search for news worthy-educational items, as well as doing research and follow up on issues. 
We have pages covering Asia/Australia - The Americas - Europe and Africa
If you think you can contribute, maybe from your part of the world, send us an email with some background info on yourself at


If you are a
* Skilled veterinarian
* Wildlife veterinary specialist
* Experienced Elephant calf carer
and want to work with us on the Emergency Orphan Team
please get in touch with us



- Fight poaching
- Protect the animals
- Create awareness
- Save the orphans
- Raise funds









W.A.R is
-  A voice speaking out for the animals,
-  Protecting the animals and
-  Assisting efforts to try and save wildlife species under threat of extinction because of poaching, hunting and trade..


They are OUR responsibility !

WAR - International  is a registered NPO at The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce nr KVK 57342725










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