W.A.R needs volunteers for

- News gathering for the FB pages

- Specialists to work with the Emergency Orphan Team

- Fundraisers

- IT specialists to optimize our position in the search engines

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WE ARE RECRUITING!! *Please share*
We are looking for activists with some experience of living, travelling or working in Africa. You will be motivated on the one hand, by the failure of aid, the widespread corruption and the lack of justice and conviction. And on the other hand, by the hope of bringing about change, tackling the corruption and demanding much more from civil society and non-governmental organizations.
Sub-Saharan Africa continues to underperform and across the development indicators, including the Millennium Development Goals. Yet the international aid system continues to reinforce the development myth - that pumping in more money to the existing system will eventually solve Africa’s problems. Something must change!
The EAGLE Network, seeks ‘super-volunteers’ to live and operate in Sub-Saharan Africa, as a new generation of independent activists. If you are selected, you will be given a life opportunity, to get involved in the mission to change the corrupt system from within, to influence the power-brokers and to fight the good cause for the greater good.
You will be part of a network, given training and tools to pursue the activism path, initially in wildlife related issues and later as you choose.
Essential conditions for applicants:

1. Self confidence (strong internal reference system)
2. Strong ability to adapt to pressure and stress
3. Willing and able to live in basic conditions
4. Able to enter into and manage insecure and challenging situations
5. Strong ability to think creatively and outside of the box
6. Self-sufficient, independent and able to travel alone in new regions
7. Strong resilience and perseverance until results are achieved
8. Strong ability to learn and implement the learning into the activities
9. Strong character, ability to lead teams and inspire others
10. Strong personal value system, non-conformist and charismatic
11. Courageous and willingness to take informed risks
12. Experience in volunteering and strong spirit for activism
13. Some experience of living, travelling or working in Africa, with a strong liking for diversity
14. Strong desire to effect change in society and take leadership
15. Charismatic character

Please Email CV to ofir@laga-enforcement.org

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Are you passionate about rhino conservation? Do you want to be part of ground-breaking volunteer work?
At RHINO CONNECT our sole purpose is conservation and protection of rhinos in South Africa. Our preventative conservation projects is specifically focused on the Limpopo Province of South Africa where we work in close cooperation with privately owned conservation farms within Limpopo Rhino Security Group (LRSG).

We cater for different groups of interest. Not only does the financial contribution assist in saving the species, but the physical presence of volunteers or campers also makes a significant impact for successful preventative rhino conservation!

1. Come camp with us
2. Become a volunteer or research student


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