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Wildlife At Risk International (W.A.R.) is a non-profit organization that facilitates more than 70 groups worldwide to form a coalition of like minded partners. On behalf of the Coalition we lobby governments, authorities and key people to create awareness and urge for action. The Coalition represents one voice for animal species that are under threat of becoming extinct in the wild due to the onslaught of poaching, trophy hunting and illegal trade in wildlife products as well as wildlife being kept in terrible conditions subjected to abuse in circuses, private and public zoo's etc. 

Coalition members list

  • Kragga Kamma Game Park    

  • Anti Rhino Poaching    

  • Rhino Rescue Project    

  • Saving Private Rhino    

  • Save Our Rhino    

  • Spots South Africa - Strategic Protection of  Threatened Species    

  • Kruger National Park - Best place on Earth    

  • Stop Rhino Poaching, this is what it looks like    

  • Rhino Revolution    

  • Protrack Anti Poaching Unit Volunteer Work and Work Experince    

  • Kariega Game Reserve    

  • Royalston - Exclusive Residential Estate & Private Game Reserve    

  • East Cape Game Traders    

  • Elandela Rhino Survivor Trust    

  • Zululand Wildlife eForum    

  • Motswari Private Game Reserve    

  • SA PROMO Magazine South Africa    

  • Safaritalk    

  • WILDCON Safaris and events    

  • EnviroRevive (Pty) Ltd    

  • Ajubatus Foundation       

  • Landmark Foundation    

  • Barking Mad    

  • Rhino Buddies    

  • The Game Ranger Diaries    

  • Balule Nature Reserve / Olifants West Nature Reserve    

  • Leopard Walk Lodge    

  • Bongi's Quest    

  • Counter Poaching Volunteers

  • Born Free USA    

  • MAASAI    

  • Nikela - Helping People Saving WildLife     

  • World Event to End Animal Cruelty    

  • Friends of KAPSA    

  • Louis Drent Fotografengroep    

  • Spots and Stripes Conservation    

  • Green Global Travel    

  • Animal Shame    

  • SOS Elephants of Chad    

  • Global Animal Welfare Development Society (GAWDS)    

  • Rhino Mercy    

  • Stop Elephant and Rhino Poaching    

  • Matriarch Foundation

  • Jumbo Elephant Orphanage

  • LionAid

  • CACH-Campaign Against Canned Hunting

  • Education for Nature ENV Vietnam

  • Access2Africa Safaris

  • The Black Fish

  • Elephant Action League

  • Elephant advocacy 

  • Pachyderm magazine

  • Mayian Wild Pride

  • ZCTF-Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force

  • Suni Ridge

  • Kenyans United Against Poaching

  • ANAW – African Network for Animal Welfare

  • H.A.N.D.S.

  • Tanzanians for Wildlife

  • Celia’s Corner

  • Rhino S.O.S

  • Eco-Sys Action

  • Stichting SPOTS - The Netherlands

  • African Conservation Foundation

  • Cee4life - Australia

  • Nigerians for Wildlife

  • Stop Dierenleed Nederland - The Netherlands

  • Bring The Elephant Home - The Netherlands

  • De Neushoorn Stichting - The Netherlands

  • ZEN - Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery - Zimbabwe

  • Great Ape Project

  • Rhino Connect

  • Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection

  • Eco-Travel Gambia

  • Enough is Enough - South Africa

  • Sibanye Animal Welfare and Conservancy Trust - Zimbabwe

  • Paradis des Primates - DRC

  • Nigeria Society for Environmental Conservation

  • Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary - Congo

  • Tikobane Trust - Zimbabwe

  • Lawrence Anthony Earth Foundation - Ukraine

  • LLA - Love Lions Alive - South Africa

  • ERP - Elephants, Rhinos & People - South Africa /USA

  • Elephanatics - Canada

  • Pakistan Wildlife Foundation





- Fight poaching
- Protect the animals
- Create awareness
- Save the orphans
- Raise funds









W.A.R is
-  A voice speaking out for the animals,
-  Protecting the animals and
-  Assisting efforts to try and save wildlife species under threat of extinction because of poaching, hunting and trade..


They are OUR responsibility !

WAR - International  is a registered NPO at The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce nr KVK 57342725










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